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It sounds so cheap,but once you arrive at Brgy. kawag, Peñaplata in Samal, the place will really amaze you. The fair isn’t so expensive, when you start to ride from Babak to Peñaplata the fair is only 20php.  And then, if you will use another ride going to Hagimit Falls, the fare is 15php.  But before you went their, their will be an entrance fee in the gate which is 5php. the management their were very strict. you may think there has so much payments, but i think its for the benefit of the people in Samal, as well to help further the development Hagimit Falls, their facilities and amenities.

The Final Entrance fee going to Hagimit Falls is only 40php. So all in all, 45 php will be all your payments. Before you get in their, one of the staff would put a mark on your palm to recognized that you already payed the entrance Fee.

Anyway, when it talks about cottages, i don’t know how about the nipa huts. We only use the picnic table which is 150php, but if you want a larger one, you will pay 250php.

My experience in their was quiet memorable , I’m with my CRCY OFFICERS and other COMMITTEES, we enjoyed a lot, most of us are first timers. Another experience is to jump from the falls, their are some prohibited places especially for those children ages 4-10yrs old.

Some falls were not that safe,their might be big rocks in their if you dive. So their policies that “DIVING IS PROHIBITED.”

One of my best experience is when i conquered in trying those falls, it takes a lot of time before i got the courage to jump, though i know someone would catch me in their.

People, i suggest if your still looking for a quiet place to reflect, to enjoy with your family for this coming summer. I bet, this would be such the great Place.

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  1. woah! try to go on this place is so nice. Ü

  2. Jicelle Donzo Braga

    were coming there! Next2 week. wooo *share

  3. Shine Escaño Osorio

    the words are much better now :)

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