Dumaguete City

Dumaguete City

I spent about a week in Dumaguete City, it was rather nice small “town” not really a city in my eyes. They have 1 mall that is tiny in comparison to some of Davao City’s malls. But, oddly enough I saw more foreigner’s in this small town then most places I have been in the Philippines. I believe it would be a great place for  older gentleman coming to the Philippines for retirement. Due to so many other foreigner’s in the area, I am sure it would be easy to find some like minded friends in a few short weeks. I would start off around Edelweiss Austrian Pub and Restaurant, they have some amazing food which tend to bring in foreigners constantly.  Below are 2 photos from a dinner at Edelweiss, some of the best Austrian food I have tasted in the Philippines so far.

I stayed at a small little resort ( Dumaguete Springs Beach Resort ) which I got a room right on the water, was such a nice feeling the ocean breeze all night. No need at all for aircon, even the electric fan made it a bit cold.  The resort featured an amazing atmosphere, very rustic and peaceful. It had a real nice feel to the place, with its pool side  mini bar to order drinks until well past midnight some nights. The beach was nice to take a swim in the mornings as well, though its not a white sand beach like I am use to here in Davao City. But, still it was very nice. One thing greatly impressed me was the quality of the food at this resort for the price was amazing. Especially after the very disappointing stay at the Red Parrot Inn. I can not think of anything off the top of my head that disappointed me about this resort. They had a billiard and a spa but me and my companion did not really get a chance to use either, due to time limitations and we were busy in other ways.

Some photos from the room, check out how close the water is from the front door.

Some of the tasty food that Dumaguete Springs Beach Resort Serves.

and a few other photos of this great Dumaguete Beach Resort.

It is moderately safe in Dumaguete City, I saw very little problems in this area as far as crime goes. I roamed all around on foot from the Mall to the Ocean walk. The Ocean walk was very alive at night full of street food vendors, and had several little bars and restaurants along the street. I spotted a Mexican restaurant and wanted to give it a try, since almost every attempt at Mexican food I have tasted here has been a completed waste of time. BUT this was a MEXICAN restaurant so they must have it right? oh was I wrong about that, It was called something like tres amigos( maybe that isn’t the correct name ), which also made me think ok it could be good. Then the prices were kinda high, and the decor was very nice. So again I thought I was in for some great food. It was so fucking bad though, disappointed me entirely. The pasta dish my companion ordered was over cooked, The Burrito and Taco I ordered was just not fit to eat at all. The only thing that was even okish, was a club sand which one of our friends ordered. After we left that spot we roamed around to find the ONLY family KTV place in town with private aircon rooms. They were super packed, maybe that is a good business Idea for one of you gents, they could use another or a couple more KTV joints in Dumaguete City.

Overall I really enjoyed my stay in Dumaguete City and all its wonders, If you are looking for a nice place to stay. Check out the resort I stayed in Dumaguete Springs Beach Resort.  If you are looking for long term stay, The owner of that resort also has some Euro-Style fully Furnished apartments that might be worth checking out.

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Ricky Mindanao
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  1. I retired in 1999 and moved from the US to Dumaguete City and have been here ever since and don't plan on leaving, love it here, lot of expat friends from different countries, more coming everyday to retire here,

  2. great to hear mike, i love the philippines myself. but used to davao city for now.. though I did enjoy my trip to dumaguete

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